Count Your Many Blessings

Hi! I’m a young wife to a Godly man and mother to two beautiful little girls. I couldn’t be more blessed, and I count my rich and abundant blessings daily. Have you ever heard the hymn, “Count Your Many Blessings”? I often find myself taking a step back from my crazy.busy life and humming and singing the words to this beautiful song.

Just like any mother to young children, life can be a whirlwind of changing diapers, middle of the night cuddles with a tired little girl who had a nightmare (actually,  that’s an excuse just to sleep with mom and dad, ha!), temper tantrums, and runny noses.  I often try to start a household chore, and never finish it because my 2 year old little girl just wrote all over her face, legs and wall with a Magic Marker. My strong willed, blonde hair and blue eyed 5 year old likes to get any attention she can get. Her motto lately is, “Any Attention Is Good Attention.” I feel as if I have never ending piles of laundry to wash, fold and hang, the floors need to be swept (for the millionth time today), and the dishes need to be washed and put away. The life of a young mother can be a whirlwind of emotions, both good and bad.

But you know what? I know I’m gonna miss this. I’m going to one day no longer have those stains to (“TRY”…keyword there) and remove from my daughter’s grass stained pants she wore because she tripped while chasing lightning bugs in the field behind the house.  I’m going to miss my sweet toddler girl writing all over herself with markers, all while sticking her cute little tongue out, concentrating on this newfound sensation she feels when the cold marker touches her skin. I’m going to miss sweeping up crumbs off my wood floors from freshly made cookies us girls made together, because when those crumbs are no more, that means my sweet girls have grown and are no longer “little blessings” in my home, but mature and grown young women.

These are the precious times. Take a good look around. Savor every moment, even the bad ones. Never forget to take a step back and sing in your heart to the Lord , “Count Your Many Blessings, see what God hath done!” There are way too many to count.